Dear U.S. Congress – Pass Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act of 2009

Posted on March 2, 2009


Dear U.S. Congress,

On behalf of the millions of grieving parents and relatives of stillbirths in America, please pass H.R. 521 – The Stillbirth Awareness and Research Act of 2009. Stillbirths are the number one child killer in America representing 30,000 deaths in America – ten times more than SIDS. H.R. 521 – by United States House of Representative Peter King from New York – was introduced on January 14, 2009.

The bill would establish a national database registry for stillbirths to collect the necessary data to help better ascertain the causes and, thus, prevention of stillbirths. The cause of 50% of the stillbirths in America are unknown.

The bill directs the National Institute of Health to appropriate further stillbirth research. The pioneering 2003 stillbirth research project directed by the National Institute of Health under the directive of the U.S. Congress is completed and the medical researchers need further appropriations to foll0w up on their groundbreaking research.

The bill sets forth a national awareness program for precautionary measures for expecting parents to prevent stillbirths. SIDS’ awareness campaign was highly successful in preventing further SIDS. SIDS account for approximately 3000 deaths per year. Stillbirths account for 30,000 deaths per year.

The first step in generating support and passage for H.R. 521 is generating co-sponsorship for the bill by all U.S. House of Representatives. Please contact your U.S. House of Representative now to ask for their co-sponsorship of H.R. 521 – the Stillbirth Research Awareness and Research Act. If you do not know who your U.S. House of Representative is, please go to “Contacting The Congress” website and type in your address. The next steps are outlined in this site’s “How to Communicate with Your Elected Official” page for the step by step instructions.