About Stillbirth Awareness and Advocacy

Richard & Kelli May lost their daughter, Madeleine, in March 2007 when she died the day she was to be born. She was 41 weeks and 4 days old. Losing your child is the most devastating event a parent will ever face. As a consequence, we have joined the mission of millions of grieving family members to help prevent other families from experiencing the same devastating loss. Our experience in grassroots advocacy and the U.S. Congress has led us to become the MISS Foundation’s Congressional Liaison helping advocate the research and legislation for the most neglected yet number one child killer in America.

With 25,000 – 30,000 stillborn deaths per year, more than half of stillbirth deaths are unexplained. The number of stillborn deaths and the fact that they more than half are unexplained creates a medical emergency that needs to be addressed. Stillborn deaths are 10x the killer than SIDS yet stillborn deaths have very little attention from the medical community, the U.S. Congress and lawmakers. Until now…

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