How to communicate to your elected official

Grassroots Advocacy Tips:

Here are basic tips when communicating with your U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representative:

THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD IS TO CALL  your U.S. House of Representative/Senators D.C. office, ask for the staff member who deals with Health issues. Ask the “Health Issues” staff member for the Representative’s/Senator’s co-sponsorship of Stillbirth Research and Awareness Act and you would like to e-mail them your official request.

E-mail your request immediately so they have it in writing. Follow up each week until they give you an answer. Be polite but persistent.


My family would be honored if Rep. (Last Name) or Sen. (Last Name) would co-sponsor the Stillbirth Research and Awareness Act. We lost our son/daughter in the 40th week of pregnancy and it devastated our family. Every year, more than 25,000 children die of stillbirths and one-half of those are undiagnosed. The bill would help further stillbirth research to potentially help future parents not suffer the horrible loss that we had to endure. Please let me know if you need any more information and I look forward to your response.

(Your Name)
(Address & Phone Number)


BE SHORT AND CONCISE. Staff members are busy so get to your request and the reason why quickly.

BE SINCERE. Please write the e-mail in your own words from your own experience. Congressional offices know the difference between a form letter and a true constituent concern.

BE DIRECT. Ask for co-sponsorship in your first sentence. Then tell them why – that the bill will help prevent further stillbirths and devastating losses for families.

ASK FOR A RESPONSE AND FOLLOW THROUGH with your communications with their office. Make sure you ask them to respond to your request. You would be amazed how influential you can be with sincerity, persistence and being direct but diplomatic with your requests. If their office does not respond in two weeks then e-mail and call them politely requesting their response.

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